WTSS will change; 

Prevent unhappy customers

We have the tools to detect problems fast!

Easy Customizable

We can add or adopt your bank process within days


Added a new service? Our verification of new products and systems helps to find errors before others do

Any service, any device, any product

Our verification services enables insight on all products on all devices

Our “Finance Laboratory”

Here you can experiment with what happens; for example:

  • what happens when a corporate send in instructions to his bank for a certain product;
    How is the information at the counter party side and what does the corporate receive?
  • Can I debit that Norwegian account via the PSD2 interface from that bank?
  • Is my direct debit working cross border?
  • At what time is the real cut-off for my product between Germany, France and Italy?

Our video's


Recently all customer portals have been upgraded to the latest version. With this upgrade some new charts have been added. We have received several request to implement Tree-charts to combine multiple flows. Also the selection of dashboard widgets has been improved....

What do those numbers mean?

After you have logged in to your portal you might have noticed that there are some numbers at the end of every page.     Believe it or not, all those numbers have a meaning: V: x.yy is the version number of the frontware (Web interface) MW: aaa.b.ccccc is...

New API monitoring vertical

Besides some regular improvements we are very proud to mention that, next to the existing verticals of APP, WEB, File and Time-Based monitoring, the portal now has its own API section. This means that the same level of monitoring like all the other channels,...